Product bans and recalls

Product safety recall - Wonder Cooker (TV044411)
Read important information on the product safety recall of the Wonder Cooker sold in Tasmania through Shiploads stores

Important recall - Takata airbag
Read this important information and check if your motor vehicle is part of the mandatory recall to replace faulty Takata airbags.

Product bans

Bans can be placed on products and product-related services if there is a risk that they may cause serious injury, illness or death.

If a product is subject to a ban, it must not be sold. A ban on a product-related service makes it unlawful for anyone, in trade or commerce, to supply or offer to supply that service.

For information on products banned Australia-wide, visit Product Safety Australia (external link)

Product recalls

Products can be recalled from the marketplace if they are found to be unsafe, or they are found to be non-compliant with a mandatory standard or ban.

All Australian governments can issue public warning notices. A public warning notice can:

  • tell consumers that the safety of a product is being investigated
  • warn about the risks of a product.

You should recall goods you have supplied if you realise they:

  • are banned
  • do not comply with a safety standard
  • may cause an injury (including through misuse).

Recall notices

Make sure your customers are not in danger by giving:

  • a clear description of the product to be recalled, including model numbers
  • details of the problem
  • dates when the product was supplied
  • how many products were supplied
  • where the product was supplied
  • what consumers should do with the product
  • your contact and return details.

If you sell a recalled product:

  • you could have negative publicity
  • you can lose money from stock you can’t sell
  • customers can sue you if they are injured
  • we can fine you.

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