What is a warranty?

A warranty can protect consumers from problems with the goods or services. Each of these protections makes a promise that certain problems will be fixed. These protections are in addition to consumer guarantees.  They can include:

  • protections that consumers are legally entitled to, or
  • protections that they can choose to buy.

Conditions of warranty

Consumers must meet the warranty conditions if they make a claim to have a product repaired or replaced.  If the conditions are not met, the warranty may be void.

Warranty conditions may include:

  • claim limits
  • excess fees
  • contact procedure
  • claim procedure
  • restrictions on choice of repairer.

Types of warranties

There are four types of warranties available to consumers:

  • the business promises (express warranty)
  • warranties against defect (manufacturer's warranty)
  • extended warranties
  • statutory warranties (for cars).

If a warranty expires and the product turns out to be faulty, you may still be entitled to a repair, replacement or refund under consumer guarantees.

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Updated: 09 Jul 2020