Bodyguard training and qualifications

Units for a provisional employee licenceUnits for a full employee and/or agent individual licenceAdditional training units for agent individual licence

There are no prerequisite training requirements

After a licence is issued, these units must be completed before re-applying for a licence

Applicants for an agent licence must complete these additional training units

  • You must hold a full (not provisional) security general guarding licence
  • BSBFLM303C - Contribute to effective workplace relationships
  • BSBWOR301A - Organise personal work priorities and developments
  • CPPSEC3001A - Maintain workplace safety in the security industry
  • CPPSEC3002A - Manage conflict through negotiation
  • CPPSEC3003A - Determine response to security risk situation
  • CPPSEC3005A - Prepare and present security documentation and reports
  • CPPSEC3006A - Coordinate a quality security service to clients
  • CPPSEC3007A - Maintain security of environment
  • CPPSEC2011B - Control access to and exit from premises
  • CPPSEC2012A - Monitor and control individual and crowd behaviour
  • CPPSEC3013A - Control persons using empty hand techniques
  • CPPSEC3017A - Plan and conduct evacuation from premises
  • CPPSEC3018A - Provide for the safety of person at risk
  • CPPSEC4006A - Assess risks
  • CPPSEC4007A - Assess threat
  • BSBSMB404 - Undertake small business planning

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