Maintaining essential building services

In Tasmania, a new building must have safety features built into the design and construction of the building. An example of a building safety feature is a smoke alarm and/or fire sprinkler system.

A building owner must keep a current building maintenance schedule.

To see the changes to essential building maintenance and how this applies to you, read the Director's Determination- Maintenance of Essential Building Services (PDF, 208.5 KB)

What types of buildings does this essential building maintenance apply to?

This applies to all buildings, other than a stand alone house or a shed/garage.

For example,

  • all public, commercial or industrial buildings and all workplaces
  • shops, offices, factories and schools
  • hotels, motels, guest houses and other types of tourist accommodation
  • night clubs, cafes, theatres, bars or other buildings where the public has access
  • places of sleeping such as blocks of flats, units or apartments where there are many individual private homes situated one above the other

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Updated: 08 Jan 2020