Changing co-operative registered information

Changing the name of a co-operative

Before changing a co-operative's name you can check to see if your name already exists or is similar.  Do this by searching ASIC's organisation and business name register.  The name you propose may not be accepted because it is considered unsuitable, similar or identical to an existing name.

You must provide three names (one proposed name, and two other preferences). If your first choice of co-operative name is unavailable, we will use this list to automatically register the first name available. Please consider your preferences carefully as you will not be contacted to confirm the name that is registered. Your preferences should be substantially different to each other and existing names.

The name of a co-operative may consist of words, numbers or a combination of both. It must include the word 'Co-operative' or 'Cooperative' or the abbreviation 'Co-op' or 'Coop' and must have the word 'Limited' or the abbreviation 'Ltd' as the last word.

A change of co-operative name requires a special resolution.  The text of the resolution should include alternative names of the co-operative. If the resolution is passed, send the following within 28 days:

Within 28 days of the new name being registered, the co-operative must advertise the change of name in at least one newspaper circulating in the locality in which the co-operative carries on business.

You will either receive a new certificate of registration or advice why the new name has not been approved.

Changing the details of a co-operative (address, contact details, officers)

You must advise Consumer Building and Occupational Services if the following details change relating to a co-operative:

  • contact number and/or email address
  • registered address
  • postal address
  • appointment of new/ceasing of existing Secretary, Directors or Chief Executive Officer
  • changing name and/or address of existing Secretary, Directors or Chief Executive Officer.

Complete an Application to change details of a co-operative (PDF, 309.0 KB).

Lodge the form either by:

There is no fee to change these details.

Changing a rule of a co-operative

If a Co-operative wishes to make amendments to rules, there is a process to follow and some forms to complete.

Step 1: Prior approval of amendment/s

The following provisions require prior approval by the Registrar before the resolution amending the rules is passed by the Co-operative:

  • active membership
  • primary activities
  • conversion of a non-distributing to a distributing co-operative
  • winding up a co-operative
  • issue or sale of shares or CCU's

Complete an Application for prior approval of rule amendment/s (PDF, 282.1 KB).

Post completed form, fee and any attachments (for example extra pages detailing the rule amendment/s) to:

  • Registration Services
    Consumer, Building and Occupational Services 
    PO Box 56
    Rosny Park TAS 7018

You will be notified of approval of the rule amendments.

Step 2 - Registration of  rule amendment/s

Once the Co-operative has received the Registrar's approval for any rule amendment/s, the resolution amending the rules must be passed by the Co-operative. The rule amendments then need to be registered.

Complete an Application for registration and approval of rule amendment/s (PDF, 291.6 KB).


  • a consolidated copy of the rules including the amendment/s and
  • a copy of the special resolution passed by the members and
  • the fee.

Post  completed form and fee to:

  • Registration Services
    Consumer, Building and Occupational Services 
    PO Box 56
    Rosny Park TAS 7018

Changing times  - AGMs, annual statements and notice periods

A co-operative can apply for a variation of time to do the following:

  • holding the Annual General Meeting
  • submitting annual statements
  • notice periods.

Complete an Application for Variation of time (PDF, 278.7 KB).

Post completed form and fee to:

  • Registration Services
    Consumer, Building and Occupational Services 
    PO Box 56
    Rosny Park TAS 7018

NOTE: Changing the financial year end date can only be done by changing the rules

Updated: 13 Dec 2022

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