Examples of domestic building design documentation

Schedule 1 of the Director’s Specified List (PDF, 623.6 KB) sets the minimum requirements for domestic design in Tasmania for submission to a Building Surveyor for certification.  Consumer, Building and Occupational Services have produced the following example design documents to demonstrate compliance with Schedule 1.

Please note the following examples are NOT part of the Schedule 1 requirements. They are provided to assist industry in interpreting Schedule 1.

Design documentation Explanatory notes

Schedule 1 Single Storey (PDF, 3.5 MB)

Example only

This example plan details a single storey brick veneer dwelling on concrete slab. CBOS has updated this design to create a dwelling that could accommodate people with a range of disabilities including physical and sensory. Whilst it is not a legislative requirement to provide this level of accessibility in residential design, CBOS would like to demonstrate how it may be achieved with minimal cost and encourage designers to consider access in design. Please refer to Drawing number UA01 for details.

Schedule 1 Two Storey (PDF, 5.7 MB)

Example only

This example plan details a design typical of many areas in Tasmania, being 2 storeys on a more difficult, steeper site, and incorporates contemporary materials and cladding. CBOS have focused on the level of detail and specification required, as requested by industry.

Schedule 3 Plan As Constructed (PDF, 90.3 KB)

Example only

This example plan details an as-constructed drainage plan which complies with Schedule 3 of the Directors Specified List.

Fact Sheet - Universal Access (non-mandatory recommendations)    (PDF, 163.0 KB) Design concepts that can help to make a home more usable for people with a range of disabilities and needs including physical and sensory. These are non-mandatory recommendations.
Updated: 28 Jul 2022

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