Buying from a business

Buying from an Australian business

When purchasing products from an Australian Business, consumers have the rights and protections under the Australian Consumer Law.  Read our web page on consumer guarantees.

Buying from an overseas business

If you or your business bought a product from overseas business you should be aware of the following steps:

Step 1 - Know your rights

The business must comply with the laws of their own country. They may also have their own refunds and returns policy with additional rights.  The Australian Consumer Law applies to anyone conducting business within Australia - this includes overseas businesses. However, if a business is overseas, you may experience difficulties in obtaining a refund, repair or replacement for your product.

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Step 2 - Contact the business

Consumers should contact the seller to try and resolve the issue. This may include putting your concerns in writing to the seller.

Step 3 - Take your complaint further

If the business does not resolve your issue, you may wish to take the complaint further.  For more information on complaints and purchasing a product from an overseas business read our web page on buying from an overseas seller online.

Updated: 27 May 2020