Building Services Work Determination 2019

  • The Occupational Licensing (Building Services Work) Determination 2019 (PDF, 650.2 KB), made under the Occupational Licensing Act 2005, contains all licensing requirements for building services providers.
  • It was made by the Administrator of Occupational Licensing and commenced on 7th August 2019.
  • The new Determination supersedes the Scheme for the Accreditation of Building Practitioners 2008. In many areas it continues the provisions of that Scheme, while making necessary updates to other parts.
  • Building industry associations and related stakeholders have been consulted during the development of the Determination.

What is in the new Determination?

The new Determination is one document covering all licensing requirements for building services providers, covering designers, builders, building surveyors and council permit authorities.

It provides the mandatory minimum qualifications and experience required of new applicants (if not applying under Mutual Recognition laws); and provides the continuing obligations applicable to all existing licensees including:

  • Insurance
  • Continuing Professional Development, and
  • Adherence to Codes of Practice.

There are also special provisions for:

  • Licensing of organisations that work as building services providers, and
  • Granting of owner builder permits.

Licensing changes

  • No new licence categories were created in the Determination.
  • Within the Builder (General Construction) category, a new sub-category of Builder Domestic has been created.
    • In effect, this means this is a person with a Builder Low Rise licence is further restricted to doing 'domestic' work - Class 1, 10 and Class 2 buildings up to two storeys. This change was requested by builder associations.
  • Licensed Builder-Construction Managers is amalgamated with the existing Builder (General Construction) class
  • Civil Designer licence category is discontinued.
    • Existing licence holders are given the choice of being licensed as a building designer, or as an engineer-civil, with restrictions.
    • Transition provisions have been included in the new Determination to cover these licensing changes.
    • Licensees will still be able to perform the same work they do currently.
Updated: 07 Aug 2019

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