Electrical shocks and accidents

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Mark is an experienced electrician, who was badly burnt by an arc flash while working on a commercial switchboard. Watch this short video and hear his story.

Reporting electrical shocks

Electric shocks and tingles off taps indicate there is a serious problem with the electrical installation or electricity supply to your house.

If this issue is not investigated, you or someone else could be seriously injured.

You must report all electric shocks to TasNetworks by calling 132 004, which will initiate an inspection to identify the cause of the electric shocks.

Serious electrical accidents

All serious electrical accidents must be reported.

A serious electrical accident can be:

  • electrocution
  • electric shock that causes temporary or permanent disability or to require medical attention or
  • an incident where electricity caused a burn serious enough to cause temporary or permanent disability or to require medical attention.

The person responsible for reporting the accident must:

  1. as soon as practicable, inform Consumer Building and Occupational Services of the time, place and details of the accident by phoning 1300 654 499 or emailing cbos.info@justice.tas.gov.au and
  2. within 21 days after the accident, provide a written report containing full details of the accident and cause.

Workplace electrical accidents and incidents

All workplace electrical accidents and incidents must be reported to WorkSafe Tasmania (external link) on 1300 366 322.

In Tasmania serious electrical accidents must be fully reported in writing to within 21 days of the accident, containing details of the accident, the reasons for the accident and any remedial actions needed.

The site of a serious electrical accident must not be interfered with, unless it is necessary to provide medical or other assistance, to protect life or property, or an authorised officer permits.

Notification and reporting to WorkSafe Tasmania is deemed to meet the requirements under the Electricity Industry Safety and Administration Act 1997 (external link).

Updated: 28 Jul 2022

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