Electrical information for owners and occupiers

Step 1 - make sure the person is licensed

Always ensure the person performing electrical work has an electrical licence. Electrical practitioners and contractors are issued with an electrical licence card. They should be able to show their licence on request.

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Step 2 - Record of electrical work

The electrical contractor must provide you with a record of electrical work when the job is finished. This record of electrical work must provide the following information:

  • what work has been performed
  • who has done the work
  • who was the work done for
  • the address where the electrical work was done
  • the person who is responsible for the electrical work.

Other documents you can use as a record of electrical work

  • the invoice provided by your contractor as the Record if it contains the above information
  • a completed Certificate of Electrical Compliance.

Step 3 - Certificate of electrical compliance

If the work performed is not basic repairs or replacement like-for-like items, then the contractor needs to provide a Certificate of Electrical Compliance to the Government funded inspection service which is TechSafe Australia Pty Ltd (external link). TechSafe may contact you to arrange an inspection of the electrical work done by your electrical contractor. This inspection ensures the electrical work is performed to an acceptable standard and is safe.

Updated: 27 Jul 2022

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