Store or manufacturer responsibility

When products fail to meet a guarantee, a consumer has a right have the issue resolved.

Product supplier

A supplier is a person or business who sold, leaser or hired the products.  The supplier has to resolve the issue when products do not meet the following consumer guarantees:

  • acceptable quality
  • fit for purpose
  • clear title
  • clear ownership
  • no hidden debts or charges
  • did not match sample or demonstration model.

Product manufacturer

The manufacturer is the person or business who made, assembled, branded or imported the product.  The manufacturer has to resolve the issue when repairs or spare parts are not available for a period of time after purchase.

The consumer can make a claim to the manufacturer or the supplier if a product:

  • is not of acceptable quality
  • did not match description
  • did not meet any extra promises made about them.

Claiming from the manufacturer or supplier

A consumer can claim compensation from a manufacturer for the decrease in the product value. In some cases, compensation can be for their costs in time and money because something went wrong.

If claiming from a supplier the consumer may be entitled to a repair, replacement, refund or other outcome. Generally, it is the supplier’s responsibility to return products to the manufacturer for repair. This may include products which are under warranty.

Updated: 25 Jul 2022

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