Gas pipeline transmission

Tasmanian Gas Pipeline (TGP) Pty Ltd is the owner and licensee of the Tasmanian Gas Pipeline.

Palisade Investment Partners Limited (Palisade) purchased TGP Pty Ltd in July 2011. Palisade is a specialist, independent infrastructure manager that focuses on assets which are essential to the efficient functioning of the communities and economies they serve.

Commissioned in 2002, the Tasmanian Gas Pipeline (TGP) is the only pipeline supplying natural gas to Tasmania.  It transports natural gas:

  • from Longford in (Victoria) to Bell Bay via 342km of 350mm diameter steel pipeline under Bass Strait, and
  • from Bell Bay to Bridgewater via 207km of 200mm diameter pipe with a branch that intersects the line at Rosevale that heads north west as far as Port Latta for 180km of 150mm supplying gas to both industry and townships across the state.

The Tasmanian Gas Pipeline (TGP) has the capacity to transport 129 TJ/day of high pressure natural gas (up to 15,000kPa) gas to Tasmania.

In addition to the benefit of supplying Tasmania with piped natural gas, the TGP’s unique interconnection with the Eastern Gas Pipeline and the Vic Hub injection point offers the opportunity to store gas in the TGP for injection into the Victorian Transmission System at times of peak demand.

Natural gas pipelines are generally regarded as the safest mode of energy transportation in the world today. Natural gas is transported underground in high strength steel pipes. The strength and quality of the steel, the depth of the pipe and the thickness of the pipe all help to improve safety. TGP works closely with businesses, natural gas shippers and retailers, government and regulators to deliver a safe, reliable and cost efficient gas supply for Tasmania.

However, there are still things that can threaten the integrity of the pipeline.  Everybody has a part to play.  While TGP makes regular checks of the pipeline, from both the air and ground, you can keep us informed of anything that may affect the pipeline’s operation.

To ensure safety, onshore pipelines are located in designated ‘Pipeline Easements’. This easement is considered to be a protected zone that has restrictions and regulations. For these reasons it is very important that before doing any planned works within the proximity of a strategic gas main you should contact:

Updated: 01 Aug 2022

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