Deregistering an incorporated association

Cancelling an incorporated association can be requested through a Special Resolution.  The Commissioner for Corporate Affairs must approve the resolution and cancellation is only available in the following circumstances:

  • the resolution is passed at an annual general meeting or special general meeting
  • the association is not carrying on operations
  • the association's assets are worth less than $1000
  • the association has paid all fees and lodged all the required documents with the Consumer, Building and Occupational Services up until the date of cancellation.

Once the Association has passed the motion for deregistration, lodge the following documents:

  • Notice of Special Resolution for Deregistration of an Association
    • The Notice of Special Resolution must indicate where the remaining assets of the association have been distributed
    • Under no circumstances can the assets, property or cash reserves of an incorporated association be distributed to current or former members
  • Final Annual Return covering the period up to the date of cancellation (there is no fee if less than 12 months)