Household wastewater comes from household or personal activities such as:

  • toilets and urinals
  • kitchens
  • bathrooms (including showers, hand basins, baths, spa baths but excluding spa pools)
  • laundries
  • facilities servicing staff, employees and residents in institutional, commercial and industrial work places.

Household waste does not include:

  • commercial waste
  • industrial waste
  • large-scale laundry activities
  • any stormwater flows

New systems

Repairs and maintenance

Maintenance and repair work on a greywater treatment system is notifiable work. Your licensed plumber will notify the Plumbing Permit Authority (Council) when work is complete.

Domestic greywater treatment system (DGTS)

DGTS is a system or device that collects, treats and disinfects domestic greywater for re-use. Some examples of water re-use include

  • toilet or urinal flushing
  • supply of cold water to an automatic clothes washing machine
  • garden irrigation as permitted by the regulatory authority
  • car washing as permitted by the regulatory authority.

Note: Subject to Council approval

Technical related information

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