FuelCheck TAS - Fuel Retailers

Registering as a fuel retailer

All Tasmanian fuel retailers must register with the FuelCheck TAS app/website to notify motorists about available fuel prices.

To register, fuel retailers must provide:

  • contact details for the person responsible for setting retail fuel prices
  • the location of the fuel retail outlet
  • information about the types of fuel available.

If you are a fuel retailer and have not registered, register now using the FuelCheck TAS online form.

Fuel Price Reporting Code of Practice

The Australian Consumer Law (Tasmania) (Code of Practice for Fuel Price Reporting) Regulations 2020, made under the Australian Consumer Law (Tasmania) Act 2010, requires all Tasmanian fuel retailers be registered and notify their fuel price information.

Submitting fuel prices

Fuel retailers must submit fuel prices into FuelCheck TAS using the Fuel Retailer app/website. Only registered fuel retailers have access to this site.

FuelCheck TAS training guides

Use the free training guides to help you understand how to use FuelCheck TAS.

Matching fuel prices

All Tasmanian fuel retailers must display price boards/signs which comply with the Code of Practice for Fuel Price Boards.

Fuel retailers must make sure the price in FuelCheck TAS matches the standard fuel price at their outlet at all times. The standard price is the price per litre available to retail customers without any discounts or special offers (eg, 'shopper dockets').

Customer notices a price difference

Occasionally prices in FuelCheck TAS do not match prices shown on a price board, on the app or bowser due to reasons outside the fuel retailer's control. This could be because:

  • the website or app is offline and the retailer cannot connect to the internet to register a price update or
  • there is an issue with the device the consumer is using to access FuelCheck TAS.

Customers are encouraged to raise price differences directly with the fuel retailer. Customers can also notify Consumer, Building and Occupational Services (CBOS) directly using FuelCheck TAS when they notice a price mismatch. CBOS will review each enquiry and take appropriate action.

Non-compliance with the Code

Under the Code all fuel retailers must:

  • be registered
  • notify any changes in fuel price within 30 minutes of the change being made.

Consumer Building and Occupational Services will undertake ongoing monitoring of the app and it’s usage by fuel retailers. Non-compliance with the Code of Practice will be enforced under the Australian Consumer Law.

Technical Support

For help using the FuelCheck TAS app or website send an email to FuelcheckTas@customerservice.nsw.gov.au

Updated: 29 Jul 2022

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