Mutual recognition for interstate and New Zealand applicants

IMPORTANT: Automatic Mutual Recognition (AMR) has commenced for the majority of occupational licences administered by CBOS. More information is available: Automatic mutual recognition for occupational licences (cbos.tas.gov.au)

Electrical, plumbing, gas-fitting and auto gas-fitting licence

If you live interstate or in New Zealand and hold an electrician, plumber, gas-fitter and building services provider licence you can have your licence type recognised for an equivalent licence in Tasmania.

If this is a new application, privacy laws often prevent us from confirming the details you have given to us.  It is important that you scan and attach certified original certificates and other documents we need.  Experience gained outside Tasmania is often difficult to check.

Prospective electrical contractors and electrical nominated managers

Electrical contractors must appoint a Nominated Manager who understands the Tasmanian regulatory requirements in relation to prescribed electrical work. Applicants must complete the following training course/s:

ApplicantCourse 1Course 2
Tasmanian-based nominated manager UEENEEG175 - Develop compliance policies and plans to conduct an electrical contracting business Not applicable
Interstate applicant Provide evidence in your application that you have been a contractor and/or nominated manager within the last 3 years and have successfully completed the Tasmanian Electrical Regulatory Requirements (TERR) short course Tasmanian Electrical Regulatory Requirements (TERR)  - A short course delivered by TasTAFE in Tasmania; or an equivalent course endorsed by the Administrator of Occupational Licensing. This is for applicants who are nominated as the 'technical nominee' or the person named as the 'responsible person' in a current contractor's licence issued in another Australian jurisdiction.

Read of the Director's Determination - Approved Courses of Training Nov 2017

Certified documents

A certified document is a copy of an original (often a photocopy) which has been endorsed by a Commissioner for Declarations or a Justice of the Peace (JP) as a true copy of the primary document. It does not certify that the primary document is genuine, only that it is a true copy of the primary document.

Building Service Provider - conditional licence

If your licence type does not match an existing Tasmanian licence type you may be granted a conditional Building Services Provider licence.  A conditional licence is granted when the licensee has interstate experience working under different legal and local government requirements.

Conditional licensing may not be recognised by other states and territories for mutual recognition purposes.


You must hold an interstate or New Zealand electrician, plumber, gas-fitter, building services provider, security agent, conveyancing, motor trader licence interstate before you can apply for a Tasmanian licence through mutual recognition.

If you are an interstate applicant without a current licence in your home state, you are not eligible for mutual recognition and must apply as if a new applicant in Tasmania.

In Tasmania, practitioners working in electrical, gas-fitting or plumbing also need a contractor licence if they plan to work for themselves.

Please note that liaison with other jurisdictions for Mutual Recognition applications can result in processing delays


  1. Read the information on this licence page so you know what to do and what documents to provide
  2. Read the Personal Information Protection Statement
  3. Scan and save (computer or storage device like a USB) a digital copy of your interstate licence (both sides). You will need to prove your identify by showing 3 certified documents that confirm your name and address. Read the Proving your identity in Tasmania page.
  4. Practitioners must also scan and save (computer or storage device like a USB) a digital copy of a passport sized photograph for a Tasmanian licence ID card.  The photo must be certified by a Justice of the Peace (JP) or Commissioner for Declarations.
  5. Scan and save (computer or storage device like a USB) a digital copy of their insurance certificate (Contractor only)
  6. Scan and save (computer or storage device like a USB) a digital copy of current interstate contracting licence card (partnership and body corporate only) (application only)
  7. Companies must list their Directors when applying (contractor only)
  8. Have your credit card ready to make payment online

We will confirm your details with your existing Regulator and issue a licence within 21 days.

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Updated: 12 Sep 2022

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