FuelCheck TAS - Consumers

Blue background with fuel check text and Tasmanian Government logoFuelCheck TAS is a free online service and mobile app from the Tasmanian Government providing Tasmanian motorists with real-time fuel price information.

FuelCheck TAS helps consumers find the cheapest fuel in any suburb or town statewide.

You can download the app to your device or go to the FuelCheck TAS website. Either way, FuelCheck TAS is easy to use and gives consumers choice when buying fuel in Tasmania.

FuelCheck TAS features

  • See the average price for all fuel types on any given day
  • Search for a specific fuel retailer
  • Find the cheapest fuel near you
  • Track price changes
  • Find the cheapest day of the week to fill up
  • Plot frequent or longer journeys using My Trip to find the cheapest fuel along your route

Download the app now - it's free!

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Fuel types covered by the app

CategoryFuel type
  • Regular unleaded (RON 91)
  • E10 (RON 94)
  • Premium unleaded (RON 95)
  • Premium unleaded (RON 98)
  • E85 (RON 105)
  • Diesel
  • Premium diesel
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
  • Natural Gas for Vehicles (NGV)
  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
  • Biodiesel and diesel blend (B20)

Fuel pricing and price fixing

The Tasmanian Government does not regulate or set fuel prices. There are many factors that influence fuel prices such as:

  • overseas and domestic market forces
  • changes in international benchmark prices
  • the value of the Australian dollar compared to overseas currencies
  • wholesale and retail competition and pricing.

As a consumer, you can choose how and when you spend your money.

If you have information relating to potentially illegal anti-competitive market behaviour, such as fuel price fixing, and you wish to provide it to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), you can:

Reporting a price difference

The fuel prices in FuelCheck TAS should match prices at fuel retail outlets. If you see a price difference, you should first talk with the retailer. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, you can Report a Price Mismatch via the app.

To report a price mismatch, go to the app, search for and select the station and click the 'Report Price Mismatch' button.

You can provide details of the price difference, upload a photo and provide your name and contact details. The mismatch will be investigated by our Compliance team.

Fuel price boards/signs

Fuel price boards/signs:

  • must display the standard retail price as the price per litre without any discounts or special offers
  • can promote discounts and special offers available so long as the standard retail price (without any discount) available to all customers is the only price displayed
  • must be updated before or at the same time as any change in the standard retail price displayed on any fuel pump.

Fuel quality, adulterated or contaminated

The Commonwealth Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000 regulates automotive fuel quality in Australia. The Act places an obligation on the fuel industry (including fuel suppliers) to supply you with fuel that meets strict environmental requirements. For more information go to the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment.

It is illegal to manufacture and/or sell contaminated fuel.

Adulterated or contaminated fuel is when the petrol or diesel product you’re buying is mixed with or manufactured using other hydrocarbon products such as heating oil, white spirit or water.

Adulterated fuel can cause considerable damage to your vehicle and its engine. There are also significant safety concerns as adulterated fuel often has a lower flash point than the normal product. Contact the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment if you believe you have adulterated or contaminated fuel.

Updated: 29 Jul 2022

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