Security Guarding with Firearm Qualifications

To be entitled to perform this activity the person must

  • hold a full Security General Guarding licence and
  • hold the following qualifications and
  • provide a current Tasmanian H6 firearm licence

Training units

Units for an employee and agent individual licenceAdditional training units for agent individual licence
  • BSBLDR301 Support effective workplace Relationships
  • BSBPEF301 Organise personal work priorities
  • CPPSEC3101 Manage conflict and security risks through negotiation
  • CPPSEC3102 Maintain operational safety and security of work environment
  • CPPSEC3103 Determine and implement response to security risk situation
  • CPPSEC3105 Coordinate provision of quality security services to clients
  • CPPSEC3106 Gather, organise and present security information and documentation
  • CPPSEC3114 Control security risk situations using firearms
  • CPPSEC3118 Inspect and test cash-in-transit security equipment and rectify faults
  • CPPSEC3119 Implement cash-in-transit security procedures
  • CPPSEC3120 Load and unload cash-in-transit in secured and unsecured environments
  • CPPSEC3121 Control persons using empty hand techniques
  • CPPSEC3124 Prepare and present evidence in court
  • CHCCCS020 Respond effectively to behaviours of concern
  • HLTAID011 Apply first aid  or
  • HLTAID014 Provide advanced first aid

With either:

  • CPPSEC3115 Carry, operate and maintain revolvers for security purpose
  • CPPSEC3116 Carry, operate and maintain semi-automatic pistols for security purpose
  • CPPSEC4001 Manage work health and safety in the security work environment
  • CPPSEC4003 Assess and advise on client security needs
  • CPPSEC4004 Supervise security operations
  • CPPSEC4006 Conduct security risk assessment of client operations
  • CPPSEC4007 Identify security threats and assess impact on client operations
  • BSBLDR414 Lead team effectiveness
  • BSBESB401 Research and develop business plans

Firearm endorsement

You are required to have a licence endorsement to carry a firearm

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Updated: 17 Jan 2023

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