Planning Consultant licence

The Planning Consultant licence allows the holder to assess and certify the proposed building or demolition work against relevant planning legislation and provide a statement of ‘No Planning Approval Required’ if appropriate to do so.

The relevant building surveyor and/or permit authority may then rely on this certification from the Planning Consultant when considering consents or permits required under the Land Use Planning Approvals Act 1993.

Planning Consultants, licensed as building services providers under the Occupational Licensing Act 2005, are restricted to provide solely the statement of No Planning Approval Required and are not permitted to perform the Planning Authority functions under the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993.


Minimum qualifications completed (all new applicants)

  • An appropriate qualification (AQF 7 or higher) in Planning, submitted to the satisfaction of the Administrator, or
  • Membership with the Planning Institute of Australia in the ‘Full Member’ category.

    NOTE: Appropriate minimum qualifications include, but are not limited to Bachelor of Planning and Design, Bachelor of Urban Planning and Development, Bachelor of International Urban and Environmental Management, Bachelor of Arts (Planning and Design), Bachelor of Applied Science (Planning)

Experience (all new applicants)

  • Five years’ experience as a town planner at local government or in a private planning consultancy, including two years’ minimum experience in assessing development applications.


  • Professional Indemnity as per Part 9 of the Determination


  • *An applicant is to pay the fee(s) as prescribed in the regulations made under the Act


  1. Read the information on this licence page so you know what to do and what documents to provide
  2. Read the Personal Information Protection Statement
  3. Provide evidence of your identity (new application only)
  4. Have a photo taken for your licence card at any Service Tasmania shop (external link) (Tasmanian applicants only)
    1. Interstate and overseas applicants will need to provide a passport size photo certified by a Commissioner for Declarations or a Justice of the Peace (JP).
  5. Scan and save (computer or digital storage device like a USB) a digital copy of your company or business name registration (if using a name other than your name) (new applications only)
  6. Scan and save (computer or digital storage device like a USB) a digital copy of your certificate of currency for your insurance policy. It must be in the trading name (body corporate).
  7. Have a credit card ready to pay for your licence fee online or at any Service Tasmania shop.

If your application is successful, you will receive confirmation within 21 days.


If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions below, you will need to provide details and copies of all relevant documentation.

Have you in the last 10 years had the company/business or the owner(s) or Director(s) of the company/business:

  1. Been convicted of an offence of dishonesty or an offence relating to prescribed work? (If an Infringement Notice relating to prescribed work has been issued to the company/business or the owner(s) or Director(s), you should tick yes)
  2. Settled a civil action or had a civil judgment given against them in their capacity as a contractor?
  3. Had a licence/registration/certificate relating to prescribed work refused, disqualified, cancelled or suspended?
  4. Had conditions placed on a licence/registration/certificate relating to prescribed work?
  5. Been declared bankrupt, been discharged from bankruptcy, entered into arrangements with creditors or assigned their property to pay debts?
  6. Been subject to a winding-up order or had a controller appointed or been placed in receivership, administration or under official management or entered into other arrangements with creditors due to insolvency?
  7. Is the company/business insolvent or in receivership?

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Updated: 13 Sep 2022

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