The risk assessment process

Your application will be assessed to make sure you are suitable to work or volunteer with children.

You will either be Registered, Registered with Conditions or a given a Negative Notice (not approved).

You may be asked to supply additional information. We will contact you if needed.

What is assessed?

Your national police history records will be assessed to see if you have charges or convictions that could show a risk of harm to a child.

This includes information about

  • convictions for all criminal offences
  • all 'spent' convictions (convictions that don't ordinarily need to be declared)
  • any 'pending' charges (charges that have not yet been decided by the court)
  • all 'non-conviction' charges (those that have been finalised by the court but didn't result in a conviction).

Matters to be taken into account may include

  • seriousness (as demonstrated by details of the conduct, court outcome and penalty)
  • length of time since the conduct occurred
  • age and vulnerability of the victim(s)
  • relationship between the offender and victim(s)
  • age difference between the offender and victim(s)
  • whether the offender knew or could have known the victim was under 18 years of age.

Factors relating to the applicant

  • conduct since the offence/alleged offence
  • age at the time of the offence/alleged offence
  • current age
  • seriousness of total criminal records.

Factors relating to recurrence

  • likelihood of the offences being repeated
  • impact on children if the offences were to be repeated.

See the Risk Assessment Order (external link) for more information.

Refusals and appeals

Proposed Negative Notice

If we propose to refuse your registration (Proposed Negative Notice), you will be notified in writing, with reasons for the decision. You will be invited to submit further information at this time.


If your application is refused (Negative Notice), you will be notified in writing, with reasons for the decision.

Your employer and/or volunteer organisation will be notified that you have been refused registration.

Your employer and/or volunteer organisation will not be told why your registration was refused.

If your registration is refused or cancelled, you cannot re-apply for five years (unless you are granted permission to apply earlier).

It is an offence to work or volunteer in child-related regulated activities without registration. Serious penalties apply.

Applying for a review of a refusal

You can request a review of the refusal (Negative Notice), however you cannot request a review if:

  • you previously applied for registration and were issued with a negative notice
  • less than five years has passed since your registration was cancelled

Lodging an appeal

You must lodge your application for a review with the Magistrates Court (Administrative Appeals Division) within 28 days of having your application refused (Negative Notice).

For more information visit the Administrative Appeals Division website (external link).

Once you are registered

You will be monitored over the 5 year registration period for any new relevant records or information.

Some records will trigger another risk assessment, which may lead to your registration being suspended or cancelled.

We will notify you in writing if another risk assessment is required.

More information

See the Risk Assessment Process Fact Sheet (PDF 198KB) for more detailed information.

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Updated: 06 Dec 2022

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