Apply for or renew a motor vehicle trader licence

Anyone who buys, sells or exchanges 6 or more vehicles in a year must be licensed as a motor vehicle trader.

A motor vehicle trader licence is valid for 3 years. Find out more about:


The Motor Vehicle Traders Act 2011 (external link) provides for the licensing of motor vehicle traders, regulates the conduct of motor vehicle traders and their sales persons and ensures the rights of anyone who purchases certain motor vehicles are adequately protected.

It provides for warranties on certain new and used motor vehicles and allows for the regulation of park and sell operators.

Renewing an expired motor vehicle trader licence

If you hold an expired licence, you cannot work as a Motor Vehicle Trader

For the first renewal after the new system is live, you will receive a renewal reminder notice in the mail approximately 8 weeks before the expiry date on your licence card.

If the option to Renew your licence is no longer available through your My Licence account, you will need to submit a new application online.

To learn more about applying for a new Employee licence, please read the Guide to licensing services for Motor Vehicle Traders June 2018 (PDF, 2.2 MB).


  1. Read the information on this licence page so you know what to do and what documents to provide (new application and renewal)
  2. Read the Personal Information Protection Statement (new application and renewal)
  3. Prove your identity at any Service Tasmania shop and take with you the application or payment receipt (download or print online) and your identification.
  4. Give consent for us to order you a National Police record check (new application and renewal)
  5. Scan and save (computer or storage device like a USB) a digital copy of a certified copy from the National Personal Insolvency Index (external link) (bankruptcy report) dated within the previous 3 months (new application and renewal)
  6. Have a credit card ready to pay for your licence fee online or at any Service Tasmania shop. (new application and renewal)


When you are completing your online application or renewal, you will need to answer a set of suitability questions. If you answer YES to any of these, you must provide a reason why.

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Updated: 02 Oct 2020

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