Licence, registration and accreditation fees

This is the current fee schedule for licences, registrations and building/plumbing product and services accreditation in Tasmania from 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023.

Licence payments can be made online (credit card) or paid at Service Tasmania (cash, Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS, cheque or  money order).

Occupational licences

Occupation - Electrical, gas-fitting and auto gas-fitting 1 year licence 3 year licence
Practitioner No licence option $357.00
Contractor $561.00 No licence option
Provisional $255.00 No licence option
Additional occupation $170.00 $170.00
Occupation - Plumber 1 year licence 3 year licence

Practitioner - Sole Trader (must hold a contractor licence)

Plumbing Sole Traders please note: You will be charged a fee for your practitioner licence, however this amount will be removed from your Contractor licence fee and there will be no overall increase due to this administrative change.

No fee No fee
Practitioner/Certifier $115.60 $306.00
Plumber Provisional $115.60 No licence option
Contractor (Sole Trader) $459.00 $1,300.50
Contractor (2-4 Practitioners) $586.50 $1,708.50
Contractor (5-9 Practitioners) $884.00 $2,592.50
Contractor (10+) $1,181.50 $3,485.00
Contractor - over 65 years $115.60 $306.00

Building licence fees

Occupation 1 year licence 3 year licence
Architect $331.50 $892.50
Builder, Engineer, Building Designer, Building Services Designer, Building Surveyor, Permit Authority, Body Corporate, Partnership $408.00 $1,096.50
Additional occupation $204.00   No licence option
Restricted roof drainage endorsement - building licence only$115.60$306.00
Occupation Per project
Owner builder permit fee - Class 1a $408.00
Owner builder permit fee - Class 10a, 10b and 8$204.00
Replacement cardFee
All trades $42.50

High risk building product accreditation

Note: Fee amounts do not include peer review costs which vary with individual applications

Aluminum composite panel, containing polyethylene (PE) core, which is used as a building cladding$2193.00
Polystyrene product used in an external insulation and finish system$2193.00

Plumbing product/system accreditation

Plumbing product or system, other than an on-site wastewater management system $821.10
On-site wastewater management system$1638.80

Registration to work with vulnerable people

The fee is non refundable.

Employment / volunteer $119.00
Volunteer only $20.40
Change of class (upgrade from volunteer to employment) $98.60
Replacement card$42.50

Incorporated associations

Annual return for an incorporated association $68.00 within 6 months
$76.50 within 6-7 months
$93.50 more than 7 months
Application for incorporation $170.00
Certificate request $3.40

Security and investigation agent licence fees

Agent individual $773.50
Agent body corporate $773.50
Employee $204.00
Amend registered details - agent individual licence; employee licence; body corporate.
Note:  This fee only applies to any changes requiring production of a new card (for example new activity, removing the 'provisional' condition). You can change personal or manager details using your My Licence account.
Issue a duplicate licence or identity card $59.50
Apply for exemption to display identity card $59.50
Fingerprinting $75.00*
Criminal History Police Check $45.00*
Criminal History and Fingerprinting check - first time applicants only
Body Corporate applications - required for each director
Not required if already obtained for an individual licence

Motor vehicle trader licence fees

Motor vehicle trader application fee $195.50
Motor vehicle trader licence fee$1,676.20
Amend registered details - motor vehicle trader $34.00

Conveyancer licence

Conveyancer $321.30
Amend registered details - conveyancer No fee


Application to register a co-operative $30.60
Application to approve co-operative rules and form disclosure statement $280.50 submission draft disclosure
$78.20 submission draft rules
$78.20 all other
Application for registration and approval of rule amendments $30.60 registering rule amendments
$78.20 registration special resolution
$30.60 issue a certificate
Application to approve change of co-operative name $280.50 application fee
$78.20 filing special resolution
Application for a variation of time (used for AGMs, submitting annual statements and notice periods) $78.20
Application for prior approval of rule amendments $78.20
Annual report (small co-operative) $78.20
Annual report (large co-operative) $280.50

* cost recovered charges

Updated: 28 Jul 2022

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