Accredited waterless composting toilet systems

The following Waterless Composting Toilets (WCT) are accredited for use as an onsite wastewater management system in Tasmania. To get a copy of the Certificate of Accreditation of any of the approved systems, contact Consumer, Building and Occupational Services and ask for our Plumbing Advisory Officer.

SupplierModelAccreditation number

Kiel Industries Pty Ltd
87-93 Tramway Road
Morewell VIC 3840

Phone (03) 5135 3900

  • Rota-Loo RL650
  • Rota-Loo RL950

Australasian Connections Pty Ltd, Trading as Ecoflo Water Management

5/2-8 Kabi Circuit
Deception Bay QLD 4508

Phone 1300 768 013

  • Sun-Mar Centrex 2000 A/F
    Sun-Mar Centrex 3000 A/F
    Sun-Mar Centrex 2000 A/F NE
    Sun-Mar Centrex 3000 A/F NE
  • Sun-Mar Excel and Sun-Mar Excel NE
  • Nature Loo Classic 750
  • Nature Loo Classic 1000

Ecoflo Waste Water Management Pty Ltd

6 Hurricane Street
Banyo QLD 4014

Phone 1300 768 013

  • Waterless Composting Toilet System CM8, CM10, CM14, CM20 and CM40

Clivus Multrum Australia Pty Ltd

3/14 Hinckler Court
Brendale QLD 4500

Phone 1300 138 182

  • Ecolet Non Electric, Manual, Automatic and Automatic XL

Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania

  • Remote Area, Public Use, Non Flushing, Alternating Batch, Waterless Composting Toilet System, MK1