Tips for buying a car

Take care when choosing a car to buy.  Taking the time to research your choices and rights before buying can help avoid problems.

Before buying a car, you should:

  • compare on-road and operating costs including:
    • including registration
    • compulsory third-party insurance
    • stamp duty
    • additional insurance
    • fuel
    • servicing and spare parts.
  • get an independent safety assessment on new cars through the Australian New Car Assessment Program
  • test drive the car
  • get an independent vehicle inspection on a used car by a qualified person
  • check the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) to make sure there’s no money owing on it (there a small fee to check vehicles)
  • ask about and compare after sales support and warranties that different sellers and manufacturers offer
  • understand the purpose of fuel consumption labels on new cars
  • note there are no statutory cooling-off rights or “lemon laws” for motor vehicle sales in Tasmania.

All motor vehicle traders in Tasmania must have a licence to sell used cars.

Search for a vehicle trader licence to make sure the dealer is licensed.

Updated: 03 Aug 2020