Exemptions from registration

You may not need to register if you qualify for an exemption. An employer or volunteer organisation can still ask you to register even if you are exempt (Section 9 of the Registration to Work with Vulnerable People Act 2013).

See below for exemption examples.

You may be exempt if:

  • you are under the age of 16
  • you are working or volunteering with children for 7 days or less per calendar year
  • you hold a current interstate registration in a similar regulated activity and are not a resident of Tasmania
  • you are a close relative of the child (this does not apply to kinship carers)
  • you are a police officer or a correctional officer
  • you are an emergency management worker dealing with an emergency
  • you are a school student on a work experience placement or doing practical training
  • you are doing the same activity as the child (for example, playing together in a sporting team)
  • your only contact with a child is working with a record of them.

Please note:

  • overnight camps are not exempt. If you are working or volunteering with children including an overnight stay, you will need to register
  • if you are a Police Officer (for example) volunteering on the committee of your local sporting team, you are only exempt in your professional role. You must still apply for registration in your sporting team role
  • the 7 days or less exemption is based on days not hours. Per day includes one event in a day. That is, one hour of parent help at a school or one hour working as a soccer coach for a club/association counts as a day
  • if you are a Teacher from interstate then you must be registered to work with vulnerable people in Tasmania before you can be registered under the Teachers Registration Act 2000.

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Updated: 06 Dec 2022

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