Emergency repairs to rental properties

‘Emergency repairs’ are when the property is damaged and the damage will get worse if the repair is not completed as soon as possible.

For example, a broken window from a storm, and the property will become more damaged if the window is not fixed as soon as possible.

An owner must have an emergency repair done as soon as possible after the tenant tells them about it.

If the owner cannot be contacted, a tenant can arrange for the nominated repairer (provided by the owner, usually in the lease) to undertake the repair and give their invoice to the owner.

If the owner has not nominated a repairer, or the nominated repairer is not available, the tenant can have a suitably qualified person (a ‘suitable repairer’) do the repairs. In this case, the tenant must pay the repairer and have the owner pay the tenant back. See Reimbursement for cost of repairs.