Product Recall Notice - caravan owners agents and manufacturers - RV water heaters on LP gas

Updated November 2019

Consumer, Building and Occupational Services wishes to advise owners of caravans, motor homes or camper trailers there is a product recall on the following Suburban Recreational Vehicle water heaters on LP gas.

Appliances, models and serial numbers affected by the recall

ApplianceModels affectedSerial numbers affected

Suburban Recreational Vehicle Water Heaters sold between 4 April 2018 and 25 September 2019

Read the Trader List (xlsx, external link) to find who has sold this product

  • SW6DEA
  • SW6DA
  • SW4DEA
  • SW4DA
  • Serial numbers between 181315552 and 193002648 (some serial numbers may end with a 'D'), 8183311827 and 8190201139

What are the hazards

If the unit is powered by gas and is operated in an enclosed area – such as caravan or motorhome - carbon monoxide may spill into the vehicle and poisoning could occur resulting in serious illness, injury or death.

Carbon monoxide can be lethal in large concentrations.  For more information read What is carbon monoxide

What to do

Immediately stop using the appliance. Identify whether your hot water heater is one of the affected models and if the serial number falls within the ranges listed above. Find this information by opening the exterior access door to the hot water heater service and check the model and serial number located on the right hand side.

Consumers with affected appliances should contact Coast RV’s dedicated recall hotline on 02 9645 7685 to register their details and get advice on remedial actions and when they are available as the remedial process has not yet been finalised.

If the water heater model is one of models listed above, then it must NOT be used until rectified by an authorised Suburban agent or dealership. The gas isolation valve to this appliance must be turned off until the appliance and installation has been rectified.

Consumers may continue to use the appliance if powered by electricity only.

Go to Product Safety Australia for more information.

Updated: 24 Nov 2021

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