What to do in an emergency

If you smell gas in your home

  • Do not operate any appliance (gas and electrical)
  • Turn off all gas appliances
  • Turn off the supply at the gas meter or LP Gas cylinders
  • Open all doors and windows for ventilation
  • Evacuate your home
  • If the smell remains after turning off the gas, make sure you are in a safe location and immediately contact:
    1. emergency services on 000 and
    2. your gas supplier’s gas leak and emergency number. This is usually found on your account invoice.
  • Keep people away from the affected area
  • If the smell stops contact your licensed gas-fitter to repair your gas installation and relight you appliances
  • If you suspect a gas leak, do not use any naked flame or other source of ignition. Ignition sources include light switches, power points, mobile phones, pagers and cigarettes.
  • Isolate power at the main switchboard

Who to contact if you damage a gas pipe

If you damage a natural gas pipe or you smell gas in your street you should make sure you are in a safe location and immediately call Tas Gas Networks gas leak and emergency number on 1802 111.

Updated: 02 Jun 2020