Electrical safety inspection service - TechSafe Australia

TechSafe Australia Pty Ltd (TechSafe) provides electrical safety inspection services under contract to the Department of Justice.

They inspect new electrical work for compliance and electrical safety.  They also investigate electric shock and fire incidents.

For electrical contractors

You must submit a Certificate of Electrical Compliance (CEC) form to TechSafe for all notifiable electrical work performed.

Books of CEC forms are available from all Service Tasmania shops, or from the TechSafe office at 1/2 Jannah Court in Mornington.

You can submit CECs to TechSafe via:

  • Email to tascec@techsafe.com.au
  • Post to PO Box 1666 Mornington TAS 7018, or
  • One of the drop boxes in the north, north-west or south of the State. The locations of these drop boxes are listed in the CEC books.

TechSafe may issue a defect notice if they identify non-compliant electrical work. They will issue this notice to the contractor on the CEC form.

If you need to discuss a CEC form or defect notice with TechSafe, you can contact them by phoning (03) 6282 3100 or emailing tascec@techsafe.com.au

For property owners

TechSafe may contact you to arrange an inspection of electrical work at your property. They may do this if you had work performed recently and your contractor submitted a Certificate for the work.

These inspections are optional but are highly recommended. If TechSafe identifies electrical work defects they can require the contractor to fix them at their own cost.

TechSafe only performs inspections if requested by CBOS. If you have electrical safety concerns about your property, you should contact a licensed electrical contractor to check it and perform repairs if necessary. If you have concerns about an electrical contractor, please contact CBOS.

Updated: 28 Jul 2022

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