Building surveyors and owner builders

The owner must engage a Building Surveyor and:

  • present plans and specifications for the proposed works
  • make application for an Owner Builder Permit in consultation with your Building Surveyor and lodge the application:
  • have the application for an Owner Builder Permit approved by the Administrator of Occupational Licensing, and
  • receive a Certificate of Likely Compliance from the Building Surveyor.

IMPORTANT: Restrictions in North West Tasmania have resulted in Service Tasmania shops closing in the area. CBOS has changed the process for lodging Owner Builder Permit applications regardless of your location. Please do not take documentation to Service Tasmania.

The owner is then required to apply for a building permit.

The owner must provide the Certificate of Likely Compliance, copies of the plans, specifications and title documents to the local council (Permit Authority) with the application.

The owner builder is required to notify the Building Surveyor at the mandatory notification stages throughout the building project, as identified in the Certificate of Likely Compliance and the building permit. The Building Surveyor will normally inspect the work at these stages and may inspect at any time.

Read the Fact Sheet - Owner builder work (PDF, 225.5 KB)

Updated: 29 May 2020