Ending a lease for breach of minimum standards

Rental properties must meet minimum standards .

Where an owner has provided a property that does not meet one or more of the minimum standards, the tenant should tell the owner immediately. The owner should:

  • immediately look at the issue with the tenant, or
  • where an owner has not provided a property that meets all the minimum standards the owner should fix the issue immediately.

If the owner does not immediately fix the issue, the tenant can:

  • discuss this with the owner/agent to see when it will be fixed
  • terminate the lease (see Notice to terminate – for use by tenants ). If the owner fixes the issue before the date of effect of the notice to terminate, the notice is not valid and the tenant cannot move out. (see Breaking the lease . if you move out and the notice is not valid)
  • contact Rental Services. The Commissioner can investigate the breach and fine an owner. This investigation may result in the issue being fixed without a fine, but the Commissioner cannot order an owner to fix the issue.

If you have questions about minimum standards, whether they apply, or whether they are not being met, contact Rental Services .