Owner obligations for repairs in rental properties

IMPORTANT changes to rental laws during emergency period (COVID-19)

New laws are being considered by the Parliament and, subject to their passage, are expected to commence shortly. These laws affect tenants, property owners and agents. Read about the COVID-19 Disease (Emergency Provisions) Bill 2020 and the proposed changes to:

  • Delaying evictions
  • Breaking leases due to severe hardship
  • Reducing rent
  • Repairs, maintenance and property inspections
  • COVID-19 residential tenancy emergency provisions

    The owner must maintain the property during the tenancy in as near as possible to the same condition it was in at the start of the tenancy, except for reasonable wear and tear.

    If maintenance or repairs are needed, and the tenant has not caused it, the owner must have the repairs done at their own cost. A tenant must notify the owner within seven days of noticing something that needs repair.

    If a tenant has caused a need for repair, the owner can ask the tenant to arrange or pay for the repairs.

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    Updated: 25 Mar 2020