Renew my registration

When to renew

  • you will receive a reminder (email or SMS) before your expiry date
  • the earliest you can renew is 30 days before your expiry date
  • if your registration has expired, you can still renew up to 30 days after your expiry date. Your registration will start from when you renewal is approved
  • if your registration expires, you will not be able to work or volunteer in a child-related activity until you are re-registered
  • If your registration has been expired for more than 30 days, you can apply again by logging into your My Registration
  • If you are registered as a volunteer and want to change your class of registration to employment/volunteer, you can complete an early renewal up to 365 days before your expiry date. This will mean you won't have to pay a change of class fee closely followed by the renewal fee within the same year
  • if your information has changed (such as a change in any relevant criminal history), your renewal may take longer to process.

Information you will need to have ready

  • your registration card number
  • the full address of every place you have lived for the past 3 years (including dates you lived at the addresses) – if your address has changed
  • details for your employer or volunteer organisation where you will be undertaking child-related work (including name, address, phone number, contact person, start date and email address) – if this has changed in the past three years
  • details of any overseas offences in the past 3 years
  • details of any family violence orders, restraint orders, apprehended violence orders taken out against you in the past 3 years
  • details of any child protection orders where you have been involved.

How to renew

Visit My Registration and complete the online renewal form and pay the fee.

After you lodge your renewal application

Once your renewal has been processed, you will receive email confirmation. A new registration card will then be posted to you.

Please note that your renewal will not be processed until you have completed any outstanding steps listed above.

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Updated: 21 Apr 2020