Extension of building permit expiry dates - update

Certain permits granted under the Building Act 2016 have been extended for six months. During the COVID-19 pandemic, building work has been disrupted or delayed with some owners unable to complete work before their building permit expires. Working with the Local Government Association as well as the building industry, the Premier has issued a Notice under the COVID-19 Disease (Emergency Provisions) Act 2020 extending existing permits.

Types of permits extended

  • Building permits
  • Plumbing permits
  • Demolition permits
  • Permits of substantial compliance

NOTE: the extension does not apply to expired permits

How long is the extension period and when does it start?

Regardless of the existing expiry date, permits continue to apply for a further six months. The extension period starts from 19 June 2020.

Example of how the extension works
A building permit is due to expire on 1 August 2020, however the owner cannot get work and inspections finished in time.  The owner and their builder will now have until the end of January 2021 to get all work done and signed off as complete before the permit expires.

Does this include permits issued before 2012 due to expire on 30 June 2020?

Yes. It includes the old building permits for incomplete work.  The Notice gives owners extra time to legally finish off their work by getting a certificate of completion.

My permit expired before the extension period started. What can I do?

If your permit has expired before the extension period started and you still have further building/plumbing/demolition work to do, you should contact your local council permit authority and get some advice because this six month extension does not apply to your permit.

The Director of Building Control has published a Determination on Special Circumstances (PDF, 246.5 KB) which deals with expired approvals which may be extended. This Determination gives guidance on renewing an old permit rather than applying for a new permit to finish off incomplete building work.

IMPORTANT: It is illegal to continue work without a valid permit in place

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Updated: 22 Jun 2020

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