Building in bushfire hazard areas Determination

This Determination provides building requirements in bushfire hazard areas where a Local Council has adopted provisions of the new Tasmanian Planning Scheme.

Key elements

  • Performance requirements
  • Deemed-to-satisfy provisions
  • Design and construction requirements
  • Property access
  • Water supply for firefighting (reticulated and static)
  • Hazard management areas
  • Bushfire emergency planning
  • Bushfire hazard management plan and certificate
  • Certificate of Likely Compliance application
  • Building permit application
  • Building and demolition work with limitations

Read the Bushfire hazard areas Determination (PDF, 410.3 KB)

When a Council has not adopted the Tasmanian Planning Scheme

If you plan to build in a bushfire-prone area and the Local Council has not adopted the new Tasmanian Planning Scheme,  transitional laws still apply under the Building Act 2000 and the Building Regulations 2014. There are two Determinations and a Fact Sheet you should read:

  1. Application of Requirements for Building in Bushfire-Prone Areas (transitional) Determination (PDF, 183.7 KB)
  2. Requirements for building in bushfire-prone areas (transitional) Determination (PDF, 362.2 KB)
  3. Fact Sheet - Building in bushfire, landslip and flood hazard areas - Building Act 2000 and Building Regulations 2014 (PDF, 265.3 KB)

Related information

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Updated: 20 Nov 2020