Security licence - consent and suitability statements

Security consent statement

I hereby consent to a check of the records of Tasmania Police and other Australian police jurisdictions and to the release of police records recorded against my name.

In consideration of Tasmania Police releasing police records, I hereby indemnify the services of the CrimTrac Agency, other police jurisdictions and the State of Tasmania, its servants and agents including all members of the Department of Police and Emergency Management, against all actions, suits, proceedings, causes of action, costs, claims and demands whatsoever that may be brought or made against it or them by anybody or person by reason of, or arising out of, the release of police records recorded against my name or purporting to either relate to or concern me.

Police check

You are consenting to a Police Check for the purposes of this licence application. The Police Check will be sent directly to Consumer, Building and Occupational Services.

Security suitability statement

You must answer ALL questions. All questions must be answered either Yes or No. If you are unsure whether to declare a certain charge or incident, remember it is better to provide us with too much information rather than none at all, as it is an offence not to declare your previous history and you risk prosecution.

Disclosure of previous charges, findings of guilt (without a conviction recorded), convictions or diversions, family violence orders or restraint / interim restraint orders does not automatically disqualify you from holding a licence.

However failure to disclose charges, findings of guilt (without a conviction recorded) convictions or diversions, family violence orders or restraint / interim restraint orders may result in your licence being rejected and prosecution action being commenced.

If you have answered 'Yes' to a question you must provide details, eg, dd/mmm/yyyy if the offence occurred in Australia or dd/mmm/yyyy USA if the offence occurred in another country.


Applicants must declare ALL prior offences with or without convictions and pending court cases on their application form. There is the opinion that applicants do not have to declare court appearances greater than 10 years old. This is NOT the case.

All prior offences must be declared, no matter how long ago they occured

Updated: 17 Jan 2023

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