CBOS advises caution when installing solar panels from door to door sellers

Published January 2020

Tasmanian residents are advised to do some checking before installing solar panels. This is particularly important for solar systems being sold by door to door salespeople. Consumers should know that installers fitting these systems must have a licence to operate in Tasmania. So do some checking before signing any contract.

What are the risks?

Incorrectly installed solar panels and associated electrical work can cause serious electrical risk including fires and shocks.

Installers must:

What happens if you use an unlicensed installer?

If an unlicensed person installs your solar panels, it may limit your options to get it fixed if there are problems. You would need to engage a separate, licensed electrician to inspect and fix any unlicensed electrical work.  CBOS may also take action against anyone who performs unlicensed, illegal or defective work.

Additionally, to be eligible for Federal government rebates, solar panels must be installed by an electrician who has accreditation with the Clean Energy Council.

What should you do?

Consumers can do a couple of things before going ahead with any solar panel installation.

Check the installer:

  1. is licensed in Tasmania as a contractor and an electrician
    Search for a licensed electrician
  2. has Clean Energy Council accreditation

Once the system is installed, you should receive a copy of the Certificate of Electrical Compliance that the installer is required to submit.  A compliance inspection will then be organised by TechSafe Australia on behalf of CBOS.

Australian Consumer Law (ACL)

Consumers also have rights under the ACL. In particular there is important information relating to door-to-door sales covering contracts, cooling off periods and other general rules around selling goods and services door to door. If you have a problem with your solar panels you should first go back to the installer to discuss and try to resolve the problem. If you’re unable to find a solution you can contact CBOS for advice.

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Updated: 23 Jan 2020