Changes to the security industry in 2020

A new security operations training package has been developed in consultation with the security industry and regulators. The new training aims to meet industry needs and improve the quality of the training. It also provides a consistent national approach to licensing.

These changes started on 20 January 2020.

Transitional arrangements

From 20 January 2020, a transitional period allows students and Registered Training Organisations to complete the training they initially enrolled in without having to undertake any units in the new training package.  The transitional period ends on 1 July 2020.

Anyone with a qualification from the previous training package can apply for a licence by
30 September 2020
for these qualifications to be accepted.

From 1 October 2020, previous training package qualifications will not be accepted.

New applicants

The previous training package qualifications are accepted until 30 September 2020.

All new applications from 1 October 2020 will need to provide the new training qualifications.

In January 2020 CBOS introduced new national training qualifications, implemented Australia wide to improve the quality of training in the security industry.

The training modules that form the basis of qualifications necessary to apply for a licence with a provisional training condition are no longer offered. As a result, CBOS are discontinuing the issue of security licences subject to a training condition.

Current licence holders

If you currently hold a licence, you do not need to meet the new training requirements unless you are seeking to add new activities to your licence after 1 October 2020.

Examples when adding new activity to current licence

Current licenceActivity you want to addTraining requirements from 1 October 2020
Security General Guarding Monitoring Room Operator (MRO) Complete all units from the new qualification.
Security General Guarding Firearms Complete all units from the new qualification. You will also need to have a current firearms licence and provide proof of this when applying.
Security General Guarding Baton and handcuffs Complete all units from the new qualification. You will also need to provide an exemption letter from Tasmania Police.
Security General Guarding Security guarding with a dog Complete all units from the new qualification. You will also need to provide proof of current dog registration and suitability training.

Further information

Visit My Skills (external link) for more information and a full list of the new security training qualifications.

Updated: 10 Jun 2020

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