Becoming an owner builder

7 Steps to becoming an owner builder

Step 1

  • Develop your plans with an architect or accredited building designer and decide whether you want to become an owner builder.

Step 2

  • Take your completed plans to a building surveyor and tell them that you intend to be an owner builder.

Step 3

Step 4

  • Engage a Building Surveyor and complete an application form for an Owner Builder Permit. The application form is to be lodged at a Service Tasmania Shop with supporting documents (particularly insurance and training course certificates as evidence of having undertaken the owner builder course) and make the payment of the Owner Builder Permit fee.

Step 5

  • If approval of the application is granted, the Administrator of Occupational Licensing will issue a letter of confirmation (The Permit) with a permit number. The building surveyor will then issue you with a Certificate of Likely Compliance.

Step 6

  • You now need to apply for a building permit from your local council. You will need to include the following with your application for a building permit:
    • all design documents
    • a copy of the approved letter for an Owner Builder Permit and
    • the Certificate of Likely Compliance

Step 7

You can start work once you have received the following from your local council (Permit Authority):

  • a building permit
  • plumbing permit and
  • planning permit if required.

Earthmoving and excavations must not be started without the start work authorisation from the building surveyor.

Read the Fact Sheet - Owner builder work (pdf, 181.3 KB)