Erosion and Sediment Control

Training Providers: Centre for Environmental Training (CET)

This 3 Day Session  includes 4 Workshops:

  • Workshop 1: Fundamentals of Erosion and Sediment Control
    • The theory of soils and soil conservation
    • how, when and why to use various erosion
    • How to manage and inspect
      • Who should attend: Site construction personnel, Developers and Consultants, Local and State Government Officers
  • Workshop 2: How to use the ICEA Guidelines
    • Site assessment and site planning
    • Effective methods of erosion and sediment control
      • Who should attend: Developers and Consultants, Civil & Environmental Engineers, Local Government Officers
  • Workshop 3: Water Management on Construction sites
    • The theory and application of water management on construction sites
    • how to size and design sediment basins
    • how to design catch drains
      • Who should attend: Consultants, Environmental Managers
  • Workshop 4: Preparing and Reviewing Plans for Soil and Water Management
    • The theory of plan preparation
    • how to prepare a plan using local examples
    • how to review Soil and Water Management plans
      • Who should attend: Consultants, Environmental Managers

For the programme, cost details and to register, please go to the CET brochure

Updated: 30 Nov 2019