Contract Administration

Event Details

  • Mar
    Contract Administration 01:00pm - 02:30pm Hobart CPD Points: 2 Region South


Presenter: Tanya Jones, Director of Gresley Abas Architects


Following on from last year’s general overview of contract administration under ABIC SW, AS2124 and AS4000, and with the ABIC 2018 launch fresh in our memories, this seminar will drill down into a little more detail regarding contract administration under AS2124-1992, specifically. 
This seminar explores the role of an architect superintendent during the construction phase. We will introduce and clarify the independent role of the Superintendent/ Superintendent’s Representative, including discussion regarding the wearing of ‘two hats’ by the Architect Superintendent. 
This module will then focus on the old chestnuts of Time and Cost, including discussion about time and cost blowouts and how the tools provided by the contract mechanisms can assist us to better manage risk associated with these two big ticket items.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Appreciate the authorities and obligations of the superintendent when administering the contract
  • Understand the importance of good superintendence and its impact on the management of risk
  • Understand the key risks giving rise to adjustments in contract sum and practical completion date, and understand the contract mechanisms surrounding these aspects of the contract
  • Have a more detailed understanding of the tasks and workflows throughout CA, in relation to the management of Time and Cost
  • Understand how these mechanisms can be utilised to keep control of a project on site and manage project risk

For further information and to register please go to Australian Institute of Architects - Tasmanian Chapter website.