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AMR has commenced for the majority of occupational licences administered by CBOS.

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Sizing box gutters and rainheads - Refresher Course

Event Details

  • Date to be Confirmed
    Sizing box gutters and rainheads - Refresher Course 02:24pm - 02:24pm Tas TAFE Alanvale Campus, 54A Alanvale Rd, Newnham CPD Points: 4 Region North

    BuildersBuilding DesignersPlumbers

TasTAFE Plumbing CPD Program

Content and Duration

This is a 4-hour course that includes the following:

  1. Compliance requirements of the Building Act 2016
  2. Roof plumbing requirements within the NCC 2022
  3. Interpretation of the DTS solution from AS/NZS 3500.3:2021
  4. Determination of regional rainfall intensity (AEP%)
  5. Catchment areas per downpipe
  6. Calculation of box gutter, rainhead dimensions and overflow solution based upon catchment Design Flow in L/s


Open to building designers, builders and all plumbers with a Roof ‘Practitioner’ or ‘Certifier’ license


$195 (inc. GST). Some participants may be eligible for Keystone (TBCITB) funding assistance. You must apply directly to Keystone via their website

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