National Construction Code Course - Understanding Standards and other NCC referenced documents

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  • 12 Oct
    2021 - 12 Oct 2022
    National Construction Code Course - Understanding Standards and other NCC referenced documents 12:00am - 11:59pm This is an online event. CPD Points: 2 This is an online event available at any time.

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Presented by: Australian Building Codes Board

Introduction: Many practitioners know of NCC referenced documents as Australian Standards or simply as ‘standards’, but there are other types of referenced documents. This course builds understanding of the NCC referenced documents that cover the design, installation and testing of materials and components used in construction.


The course explains how:

  • the NCC calls up Australian Standards and other referenced documents.
  • there are different types of NCC referenced documents.
  • language is used within referenced documents to differentiate between compulsory requirements and guidance.
  • compliance with the NCC is demonstrated, in particular, providing a close look at Part A4.
  • to determine which edition, issue or amendment applies.
  • secondary referenced documents are referenced by the NCC.
  • to determine which parts of a referenced document you do and don’t have to comply with.
  • referenced documents may be used when undertaking a Performance Solution, including using including using newer versions, or standards not referenced in the NCC.
  • referenced documents are used to demonstrate compliance in some NCC Verification Methods.

Course outcome

Upon successful completion of this course you'll be able to:

  • Define what NCC referenced documents are, how they relate to the NCC, and what their purpose is.
  • Describe where NCC referenced documents sit in the regulatory framework.
  • Identify which edition, issue or amendment of an NCC referenced document applies for the purposes of NCC compliance.
  • Identify which parts of NCC referenced documents you do and don’t have to comply with.
  • Identify when a Performance Solution is necessary when using elements or editions of a document in order to satisfy the Performance Requirements.

Assumed knowledge - Some prior knowledge in the practical application of the NCC is assumed.

Cost : $44.00

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