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AMR is expected to commence for the majority of occupational licences administered by CBOS on July 1 2022.

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Land Capability Assessment for On-site Wastewater Management 30 Aug - 1 Sept 2022

Event Details

  • 30 Aug
    2022 - 01 Sep 2022
    Land Capability Assessment for On-site Wastewater Management 30 Aug - 1 Sept 2022 08:30am - 04:30pm Quality Hotel Melbourne Airport, 265 Mickleham Rd, Tullamarine. CPD Points: 18

    Building Services DesignersBuilding SurveyorsEngineersPermit AuthoritiesPlumbers

Presented by: Centre for Environmental Training

The course is designed for those involved in land capability assessment, planning, design, installation, regulation, management and performance supervision of domestic onsite and decentralised wastewater management systems

Competency based training in site and soil assessment for design and management of domestic on-site wastewater systems.

Technical sessions include:

  • The Regulatory Environment
  • General Environmental Duty
  • Wastewater Characterisation and Testing
  • Primary Treatment; Septic System
  • Composting Toilets and Greywater Diversion
  • Sand Filters, Media Filters and Mound Systems
  • Treatment Wetlands and Reed Beds
  • Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems (AWTS and STS)
  • Soil Based Systems
  • Trenches and Beds
  • LPED Systems and Wick Trenches
  • Evapotranspiration Systems
  • Water Balance Analysis
  • Soil Landscape Interpretation for Land Capability Assessment
  • Soil Permeability and Dispersion Demonstrations
  • Soil Properties and Classification
  • Soil Testing
  • Nutrient Removal and Land Application Systems
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Land Capability Assessment
  • Site and Soil Assessment
  • Field Based Land Capability Assessment
  • Soil Permeability Testing by Constant Head Permeameter
  • Site Evaluation and Design Exercise
  • Failing Systems; Auditing and Troubleshooting

Cost: $2,340.00 + $234.00 GST = Total $2,574.00

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