Land Capability Assessment for On-site Wastewater Management

Event Details

  • May
    Land Capability Assessment for On-site Wastewater Management 08:30am - 04:30pm Quality Hotel, 265 Mickleham Road, Tullamarine, VIC, 3043 CPD Points: 18 3 day course held 1-3 May 2019

    Building Services DesignersBuilding SurveyorsEngineersPermit AuthoritiesPlumbers

Also suited to attend: Plumbing Surveyors

Training Providers: Centre for Environmental Training (CET)

Technical sessions include:

The Regulatory Environment
 Wastewater Characterisation and Testing
 Septic Systems and Primary Treatment
 Soil Based Systems
 Trenches and Beds
 LPED Systems and Wick Trenches
 Soil Landscape Interpretation for Land Capability Assessment
 Evapotranspiration Systems
 Soil Permeability and Dispersion
 Soil Properties and Classification
 Soil Testing
 Sand Filters and Mound Systems
 Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems
 Disinfection
 Composting Toilets and Wetlands
 Greywater and Greywater Systems
 Climatic Factors
 Water Balance Analysis
 Nutrient Balances
 Irrigation Systems
 Wet Weather Storage
 Site Assessment
 Soil Permeability Testing by Constant Head Permeameter
 Land Capability Assessment
 Field Based Land Capability Assessment
 Site Evaluation and Design Exercise

Costs: Course fees include comprehensive notes, software, lunches and morning & afternoon teas.

$2,135.00 + $213.50 GST = Total $2,348.50.