Automatic Mutual Recognition (AMR)

AMR has commenced for the majority of occupational licences administered by CBOS.

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Builders Coach Workshop - 3 November 2022 Hobart

Event Details

  • 03 Nov
    Builders Coach Workshop - 3 November 2022 Hobart 09:00am - 04:00pm Master Builders Tasmania, Level 5, 116 Bathurst St, Hobart CPD Points: 3 Region South


Presented by: Master Builders Tasmania and the Builders Coach

Grow your business workshop includes:

  • To set yourself up with 'Work-flow optimisation' for the next five years and beyond
  • The importance of and how to best schedule your work in advance
  • The system for charting your current processes
  • How to get more done in one day than most people do in a week
  • To redesign inefficient processes and leverage modern technologies
  • Help your people do more in less time. Automation is only as efficient as your people
  • The importance of running regular workflow audits
  • How to "sell" your vision to your team and get them enthusiastic about it
  • How your team can consistently meet and exceed the most demanding expectations


  • MBT Member $55.00 -  A member  of Master Builders. This includes your employees.
  • Eligible Non-Member  $85.00 - Not a member of Master Builders Tasmania but is eligible for Keystone funding.
  • Non-Eligible Non-Member $250.00  - Not a member of Master Builders Tasmania and is NOT eligible for Keystone funding.

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