Property managers - leases and bonds for overseas students affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19) travel bans

This information is for property managers where overseas students are unable to travel to Tasmania. These students may either:

  • delay occupying their rental property or
  • cancel the lease completely.

There is information for overseas students in this situation. See Overseas students affected by Coronavirus travel bans.

If a student has signed a lease

A student may ask to delay occupying a property or cancel the rental agreement (effectively terminating the lease). Both of these options can be done by mutual agreement.

Make sure this agreement is put in writing.

If a student cancels before moving in and has paid money (rent) in advance, they make ask for a full or partial refund.

If they have paid a bond, you must make a claim using MyBond for the money to be released.

Bond disputes

If an agreement cannot be reached, you can dispute the bond claim in MyBond. The dispute will be determined by the Rental Tenancy Commissioner (RTC). See Disputing a bond claim.

This also applies if the student has paid the deposit or bond but has not yet signed a lease. This may be considered a verbal lease.

If a student has not signed a lease or paid any money

A student can cancel the agreement by notifying you.

They are not required to pay any money.

Updated: 02 Jul 2020