New Directors Determinations for building in hazardous areas takes effect in Burnie

The Tasmanian Government’s commitment to delivering a single Statewide planning scheme has reached another milestone this month with the planning scheme now operational in the Burnie City Council local government area.  Burnie Council is the first Tasmanian municipality to adopt and introduce the new Tasmanian Planning Scheme.

This also means that a range of Director of Building Control’s Determinations specifying mandatory building requirements related to five prescribed hazardous areas will now apply to the Burnie municipality only.

These new “Hazardous Areas Determinations” aim to improve the standard of safety when building in areas prone to specific land hazard issues around Tasmania.

The Determinations prescribe hazardous areas which are prone or subject to the following issues, specifically bushfire, flood, landslip, coastal erosion, coastal inundation and storm surges and therefore require specific demolition, building and design requirements.

The Determinations set out practices and processes aimed at enhancing safe and appropriate building in hazardous areas by specifying;

  • The type of work they apply to,
  • The type of buildings they apply to, and
  • Design and documentation requirements.

The new Determinations will take effect and be applied to building in other municipal areas when the new Tasmanian Planning Scheme has been adopted by those local councils yet to do so.

If a local council has not adopted the new Tasmanian Planning Scheme, the requirements for hazardous areas contained in existing Determinations continue to apply.

The Determinations are now available on the CBOS website Determinations page. Further information is available on the Building in Hazardous Areas page.

Updated: 29 Jul 2020

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