NCC 2019 Preview

The NCC 2019 Preview has been released. It contains PDF versions of all three Volumes and the Guide to Volume One. For an overview of the key NCC 2019 changes refer to the latest ABCB Connect article, What to expect in NCC 2019.

The NCC 2019 Online version, with enhanced navigation and new features will be released in early March. This also will include the Consolidated Requirements, which is currently being finalised.

User feedback

To facilitate user feedback about editorial and format issues in the online and PDF versions, a dedicated email address, NCCOnline-feedback@abcb.gov.au, has also been created to help address any drafting errors that may still exist prior to adoption.

Updated and new ABCB standards and protocols

Updated and new ABCB standards and protocols referenced in NCC 2019 are being finalised and will be available from late February.

For information, the affected titles are:

  • Standard for NatHERS Heating and Cooling Load Limits (Version 2019.1)
  • Standard for Construction of Buildings in Flood Hazard Areas (Version 2012.3)
  • Protocol for Structural Software (Version 2011.2).

Support material

Over 40 new support materials are currently being developed and existing materials updated. These items will be progressively released over the coming months.

Updated: 01 Feb 2019

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