Product Safety Recall - Wonder Cooker

Published January 2019

An unsafe electrical product (Wonder Cooker Item No TV044411) has been recalled.

Description - red coloured double-sided cooker with a 240v power cord and spatula

Retailer - Shiploads stores

Defect - in some circumstances the heating element may become loose within the product and melt through the casing

Hazard - product may cause burns to the user and damage to property

What should consumers do?

  • Stop using the Wonder Cooker immediately
  • Return the item to Shiploads for a full refund
  • Contact Shipload stores by phoning 1800SLOADS or email

NOTE: This recall only applies to the Wonder Cooker brand sold through Shipload stores. If you have a Wonder Cooker which you have bought from somewhere else, please contact CBOS on 1300 654 499 or use the Online Enquiry option.

Updated: 15 Jan 2020